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Our Faculty Members

Welcome to Knowbel Academy's STEM learning center in Hong Kong. Our faculty members are dedicated and experienced professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our students. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our classrooms and are committed to helping our students reach their full potential.

Billy, Poon Pak Shing

(Intensive Chem BSc, HKU ; UoE)

Chief Executive Officer and Head of Science

  • Membership of Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Visiting Student Researcher at Imperial College London

  • Exchange Student at the University of Edinburgh

  • Major in Chemistry (Intensive) at the University of Hong Kong

  • Four years of enriched research experience ( has been under Prof. Che Chi Ming, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, SBS)

  • Holds one US patent (pending)

  • Awarded Dean’s Honor list twice

  • YMCA Children's Play Rights Ambassadors


Tom, Leung Chin Shing

(BSc, HKU ; UBC)

Chief Operating Officer and Head of Mathematics

  • Received first prize multiple times in math competitions during primary and secondary school

  • The University of Hong Kong Bachelor of Science

  • Exchange student at Trinity College Dublin

  • Internship at University of British Columbia

  • 4 years teaching experience as an Olympiad Maths tutor under several institutions in Hong Kong

  • Assisted in developing math competition questions for primary to high school levels

Eddy, Kwong King Lam

(BSc (Chem) & BEng (CS), HKU)

Head of Technology

  • Double majoring Chemistry and Computer Science at The University of Hong Kong

  • 3 years tutoring experience with secondary school Olympiad in Informatics team

  • Awarded prizes in Olympiad in Informatics and Hong Kong Student Science Project competitions throughout secondary school


Jacky, Kwok Lam Hin

(BEng (AIST) , CUHK)

Head of Engineering

  • 2022 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Robot Contest Champion captain

  • 3rd Consecutive Champion of the Robocon Hong Kong Contest

  • Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • 4 years of teaching experience as a Lego robot tutor for primary and secondary schools

  • 10 years of experience in robotics teaching materials


Andreas, Au Kwing Nam

(BSc (Chem), HKU ; UC Berkely)

Fellow and Vice head of Science

  • Science and mathematics teaching placement at the Berkeley Unified School District, California, U.S.A

  • Exchange student at UC Berkeley, field of studies included STEM education and quantum chemistry

  • Major in Chemistry at the University of Hong Kong

  • Awarded numerous scholarships by HKU

  • STEM and SEN teaching experiences at local primary and secondary schools. Taught AR, Unity, micro:bit, SketchUp, AI, and programming

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